Finding what I'm looking for at U2...

The stage was an integrated part of U2's performance
My ears are still ringing from the loud music and my heart racing a bit from the adrenaline. Bono rocked it until midnight and I'm guessing he's still sleeping now. It was part concert, part mission, and while some audience members weren't into the lecture, I drank it up. He celebrated Aung San Suu Kyi's release by having her to speak (in a video) about what one person can do. Later, Bono had a duet with Mark Kelly who was videotaped from aboard the International Space Station, and speaking Bono's lyrics for his wife, Gabrielle Giffords. I was probably most touched was when he dedicated an impromptu song for the recently deceased Clarence Clemons after seeing a poster that said "For Clarence" in the audience. For me, it wasn't just about Bono, it was about the experience.

The wait for U2 was LONG, but we had plenty of fun. At one point a man came through our section of the Meadowlands selling Italian Ice. My friend asked him if he had Vodka to go with it... and from the center pocket of his black apron he pulled out a small bottle. The $16 pricetag was slightly beyond what my friend was willing to pay. The rest of the night I wondered if he had sold someone else something more... um, organic, because we certainly could smell something in the warm summer breeze.

For me the most entertaining part of the concert wasn't the awesome music. It was a belated celebration of my 40th birthday. I brought together five friends who didn't know each other very well, but all had a good time.  I got a taste of what a 40th birthday dinner roasting would have been. It's been a long time since I laughed like that at myself. My hometown friend (MCM) didn't realize I had not shared most of my best stories with the Bridgewater crowd. My "newer friends" (the two in the group who I've known for 8 years) taught MCM their favorite thing to tease me about. Let's just say it's a woof, woof - dog eat dog - world.

You have to love someone a lot to make playful fun of them without it feeling mean-spirited. It was a nice reminder that my friends certainly do love me enough, and there is PLENTY of material to last hours of entertainment at my expense, should they ever choose to give me a roast. It was a wonderful night and I'm so lucky to have such fun, and funny friends. As Bono reminded us, there is a lot of tragedy going on in the world, but lots to celebrate too.

A year and two-days late, it was a great way to bring in my 40s.

Oh, and MCM - next time you think that they have a certain species of dog in Chinatown make sure it's not at a restaurant on another continent. OK? Way to give a woman unnecessary heart palpitations!


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