I don't know what to say. In my mind I'm completely distracted and overwhelmed by what we've seen from Norway. It's too beautiful a country for this to happen there!

I've written and deleted this blog twice. I don't know how to express my thoughts to sound anything anyone would want to read. To me this attack is very person!

* I have been visiting Norway (or living there) nearly every year since 1988.

* My husband and both my children are citizens of Norway.

* My children were at a camp when the attacks took place.

* No one wants to hear the perpetrator's crazy Neo-Nazi propaganda, but as a former foreign resident of Norway, his message of hate hits me personally.

My feelings remind me of 9/11 when my country was under attack. At that point we lived in Norway, and my friends, neighbors and especially my colleagues were exceptionally kind to me. I wish I could be there to console them today.

My hope is that people will focus on the victims and ignore the perpetrator's message of hate. Listening to NPR's reporting this morning I was struck by the free advertising his message has been given throughout the world. By explaining his position, he is spreading his word and winning his fight.... the irony!

As a reminder to my son of how happy I am to have him home, I'll make his favorite: Norwegian pancakes. My daughter is too, but she slept over at a friends house... so she'll have to wait for a welcome home treat.


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