Where did the week go???

It's been quite a week!

When last I checked in with you, I was in Evenskjer, Norway. After that I flew to Oslo. I spent time with one of my most talented friends. You have them too - people that you are very happy for, but envy ever, ever so slightly. IRH and I traveled together for about a week in May 1991. We were supposed to last a month... but we were sort of the odd couple of travel. I was terrified after a hostel in Amsterdam which I thought reminded me of a crack-house, bomb shelter and wanted to upgrade to just staying with guests. Inga liked living on the edge and turned it into a career. She became a freelance travel journalist, learned Spanish and has covered the entire world! I've written about my yearn to travel before, and of course, I do travel and am very fortunate. But I am impressed by all IRH has done in her 40 years. She now shares her life with with her teenage son and charming boyfriend from Africa. I was extra lucky: in Oslo, rather than overpriced restaurants with so-so international cuisine, I got to have homemade Eritrean food. Unlike my travel journalist friend, I ate with my hands, as her boyfriend did. ;-)

This week I'm back to my life. I returned to my chaotic house with a very clean fridge. A possibly drunk, but definitely out of control driver joyrode through our yard, taking out lots of bushes and our electrical transformer. Better safe than sorry, T had to throw out everything from our freezer and fridge which were without power for GodKnows how long. He also had to deal with the insurance company and neighbors.

My job since I got home: prepare for camp! Lots of laundry. Do we really have this many clothes??? I'm seriously tempted to THROW the unmatched socks rather than attempt to match them - no one will miss them, since they have been in a pile on a sofa since it was cold enough to need socks. Have you ever thrown socks instead of matching them?! I also realize that I have to go to the DMV (I never updated my license after "the incident" although the sting has long subsided, I'm great at procrastinating) and my license expires at the end of the month. I could list the rest of my TTDs but it simply isn't that interesting. Suffice today it is going to be a busy day! I say good-bye to my car of 3 years. It was fun having a sedan, but you can't run away from who you are, and my life needs a 7 seater. Goodbye blue Acura TSX, hello silver Mazda CX-9.

Better get it all started. Looking forward to sharing my home area with BW friends. There isn't much to see, but I'm looking forward to it. Yes, parts of it look like where Deliverance, but the rest of it is quite nice, and the people.... are my peeps.

Finally: NPR is on in the background chatting away about the final space shuttle. I remember we were in a hotel room in Hilton Head, South Carolina with my Mom. She passionately said, "You need to watch this landing! History is being made here. You never forget this moment!" It wasn't quite like a walk on the moon, but she was right: I never forgot watching with her. I was also with her when the Challenger exploded in January of 1986. Finally, I'm remembering my friend Yngve. He was starting his Sophomore year at MIT when he was murdered. He had a 4.0 and wanted to work for NASA, so I'm guessing that was in the cards. He would have been there for sure today!


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