Beautiful Sunny Fall Day

Before kids I hated Autumn.Dreary days that get perpetually shorter, colder and darker, and I couldn't wait for winter to get her and make things white. (When you grow up in western New York, you are used to a lot of snow).

Now I see Fall as something else. Cool nights that make it easy to sleep. "Indian summer days" when the temperature is perfect for walks, and knitting. Clean slates in the classroom when everyone is still optimistic about a new year. And my favorite of volunteer activities: Book fair (beginning at the Middle School next week, and Eisenhower on October 1st), when I can get the heads up on what's new in kids' lit and spend time selling reading to Bridgewater's kids.

Today I am heading to Michaels. No, not for yarn (not til I knit what I have in my stash). But for items to get my new business underway. More about that later. Fall is a time for new beginnings and the perfect time for second chances. My job didn't work out last Spring, but that doesn't mean I can't make something of myself.

I love fall. The colors of turning leaves. The fresh, clean air.

And while this Fall's weekends will be spent at a football games, watching my favorite Panther strut her stuff in a tight shirt and short mini-skirt, it's also quality time with friends, in fresh air and a chance to knit gifts to put under a Christmas tree, not so far from now.


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