$$ in my pocket

Newest editions to the knitting closet
Bridgewater's only yarn shop is closing. Today is A Yarn For All Season's last day. Don't tell my husband, but I spent another $90. I expected deeper cuts on the final day, but still bought more than I planned. Strictly speaking I shouldn't have spent 10 cents. I have no income at the moment and no need for any of the items I bought (I didn't have a stitch counter). But now I won't buy anything knitting related for a years!

It's sad to see another Mom and Pop (or, in this case just Mom) business close. It's sad to see more evidence that our economy is going the wrong direction. It the planets were somewhat otherwise aligned I would have loved to have my own shop.

Now that I have all this yarn, all these books and a few extra needles, I look forward to knitting pretty things for my friends and family. And also.... for myself!


By the way - last night was Back to School Night at the Middle School. I was pleasantly surprised - I liked all of C's teachers in the 10 minute superficial first impression. Have to wait until October for N's BTSN, but since I know all his teachers already (C had them), I'm in no hurry. Besides, I've got a lot to keep my hands occupied!


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