Tired already

All I can say is "My brain is tired".

  • I was already worried about the flooding here. It seems to be worsening. Tonight I sat with several families who didn't know how they would get home from Tae Kwan Do. TKD is being housed in a temporary location because they are completely flooded. 
  • Now I don't only need to worry about my loved ones here - but the Susquehanna is flooding in New York and Pennsylvania - not far from my Dad and many other loved ones/family members. 
  • As I write this I am halfway listening to Obama's speech. The country is in a shambles, and I want to start a new business venture... in this economy it seems silly, but I need to try something. I am pretty left of center, but I think this plan leaves something out - not sure what it is, but it sounded like a pep rally more than a solution. Sorry, Obama...
  • In the mean time I keep thinking: is really more than a year until the general election? I can't take that many months of the campaigning and animosity. 
  • Local elections are coming, and I've got lots to say about that, but not tonight. As I said, my brain hurts.
  • I'm thinking about cheer leading - things aren't good there.  
My Fairy Godmother?
And today I did something sad - I went to the going out of business sale at A Yarn for All Seasons. It's sad to see more proof of our deteriorating economy. I liked supporting my local yarn shop over some unknown store online. Of course I have plenty of yarn already (even though I finished a huge project yesterday) - an entire closet full! But I really wish I had some Fairy Godmother who made it possible for me to buy this nice little yarn shop, and help people create wonderful projects with their hands. What a lovely job! Unfortunately, it's the 2nd store to go out of business in the area in the past few years. Now Bridgewater is without a yarn shop. 

Where did I get the money to splurge on myself? 

All I can say is what comes around goes around... I did a favor for someone and she forced me to treat myself to something. Luxurious yarn may bore you, but I have years of tactile paradise ahead of me. Just what I need when my brain hurts. 

I've already started on a lovely grey sweater - merino and silk. Work to keep my hands occupied when my brain needs a rest.


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