Blog 7.0?

I just counted SEVEN blogs posts started. 0 completed. That must be a new record. And I just published one that was nearly completed from Sunday. I only realized now that the title had nothing to do with the content. Oh well.

So much has happened that I don't even quite know where to begin - and looking back on the first three of the seven unfinished posts, I feel like I've lost my train of thought. Since I started them a couple of weeks ago, I guess that is normal. Most of us can't remember a conversation we had in the last few minutes. "What were we talking about?"

I started one entry about gun control - and schools. And guns in schools. And guns out of schools. If they arm teachers, we will have to create a plan B. But since it doesn't seem to be an option here (see this article) I am not worrying about it. In general I feel that my kids are safe here. If I didn't, we'd move. Unlike some parents, we let our kids go out on their own (generally with their friends), we let them use the internet, and we generally don't worry about their safety. Since I wrote that, New York State passed stricter legislation and Obama has suggested wide-ranging reforms. I've been very squeamish about guns my entire life, so I say kudos for trying to limit assault weapons and requiring thorough background checks. Makes sense to me.

In that same blog, I also spoke of the current Board of Education.  Jackie Barlow is an asset - and we are lucky as a community to have someone like her (intelligent, critical, well aware of our district's needs) leading our schools.

Today I'm concentrating on a very important to do list. I return to the full-time workforce on Tuesday and I feel like my world is turning upside-down, or my orbit is changing its rotation, or whatever deep space metaphor you choose. My world is certainly going to change.

But it's a change I want. Staying home for all these years was never the grand plan. It is a privilege and I am grateful for this life that offered me the opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with my kids and their friends. I've been able to travel so much (ironically I was invited to ROME!!! this weekend, but for my job starting Tuesday, I didn't get to go) and experience so many fun times. I've built amazing friendships, spent countless hours volunteering and really loved it. (For the most part).

All along I've had a nagging feeling that the career world was passing me by. I was somehow missing out. Now I'll get to see how green the grass is on the other end of the commute. Perhaps I will long for the freedoms I've been enjoying all these years. I've spent days wandering around New York City, showing visitors the tourist sites or discovering new urban gems. I've spent months having coffee and lunches with my Dad while he's stayed with us. I've been happy to step in and lend a hand to friends stuck at work when their kids needed a ride, a play-date or a snack. But I've also been conflicted about being part of this suburban-SAHM-rat race - the unknown cousin of the working-world rat race.

The time has come for me to spread my wings. Don't expect me to blog much... I can barely keep my thoughts straight and the job hasn't begun yet. Life is going to be about cutting the unnecessary to focus on the important. At least that's the plan...


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