Life's luxuries

I'm writing this from my warm bed, under my down comforter with red and white flannel sheets, my head supported by 3 fluffy pillows.  It's after 9am and I'm in no rush. My start date for the new job got moved to Monday. The sun is shining and under the covers I don't care about the temperature.  A modern Princess and the Pea.
Last night I could have gone out in the cold to hear the school Superintendent present the draft 2013-2014 budget.  The lion's share is cast in stone: salaries, benefits, etc. The Superintendent is presenting a sliver of spending.
But it matters.
Yesterday I decided that since our elected representatives on the school board chose to take away the public's right to vote on a budget, I have no business worrying about it. The dye is cast. While I do have some friends on the board of ed, it would likely take and act of God to change the budget now that the public no longer approves or rejects it.  The budget matters. My opinion?  Not so much.
So instead of getting frustrated, I built a lovely fire and two friends came over for wine, cookies and popcorn. We talked until the fire went out.
Can't stay in bed all day. Time for a long hot shower. 


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