Hump Day

I know that writing about a place of employment can open the author up to all sorts of troubles. Lawsuits and bad vibes at work are more than enough to keep me from making this a regular topic of blogging.

That said, I know several of you are wondering how it is going in my new gig.

So far, I love it, and how grateful I am to have such a fun working environment. Everything is done in teams - I'll be working with some super creative people plus a very diverse clientele. After just two days I've been amazed at the different kinds of people I've come across (over the phone). I've already seen the pitfalls of this job - things will go wrong some days, and now I know what to expect.

But I have to admit: I love it. I wake up happy, and I drive home happy. The commute (so far - and it's only been six trips) hasn't been an issue. There's a coffee bar a few steps from my "cube" (which I enjoy having) where we can make as much keurig as we can consume (for free) - so if I ever feel I'm not being paid enough, I can count how much I've saved on coffee and we can call it a wash. A piece of sunshine (a colleague) arranges cards and cupcakes for someone's birthday, including twice this week! The woman who is training me is really funny, great to work with and so patient! The guy across from me talks too loud when he's on the phone, but he's friendly and three of us have daughters who are freshmen in high school. The woman who sits across from me is a big knitter! What luck!

Really, it's just feeling part of something. I'll own these little projects, and I'll be part of a chain creating something. Working full time is already tiring. At 9:30 I'm ready to go to bed with a good book. My goal is to get up at 5:30 so I can run before work and still make it home early enough to say good-bye to N & C.


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