Bees nest before breakfast

Somehow in some strange universe I became popular enough at my 20th high school reunion to rub elbows with A-listers who would never have spoken to me for 5 minutes in High School except perhaps to ask for an answer on Mrs. White's Social Studies test or to borrow five bucks. Fast forward 20 years and I was getting complimented on everything from my looks (a surprised "wow you look great" really is a translation of "how come you look so great now when you looked like "that" at sixteen"). The popular girls were interested in what I'm doing, where I'm living and the boys all noticed the low-cut cami I wore to a cocktail party at the Country Club.

Somehow C, a popular football player from the "wrong side of the tracks" became the superstar who ran a world class 20th reunion. An act I'd rather not follow.

What's done is done. He's bowed out and I'm taking over. I can tell this is an honor I should have refused. Where were my senses when less than a month ago I vowed to simplify everything.

I've already stepped into the thick of it - the wars between exes that I had forgotten were even married. The territory of small business owners coming up against each other. The "if you have X coming, an entire group of Y won't show" (like I'd know that?! Neither party spoke to me in high school.)

But I'm going to do what I set out to do: plan a class A event, with something for everyone, supporting my hometown.

And to make it through the next seven months, I have a great plan - ignore the nonsense and focus on my life. Don't feel like I'm in an episode of Glee. For now I'll work of the mini aggression on the Ropes at  Strength and Honor Fitness - sounds just like what I need a dose of!


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