Good news

N's conference was helpful. He is coming along with his writing and is very creative in his thought process. I can't believe how much his abilities have progressed - the first week of school he couldn't fill in open-ended sentences like "My favorite thing to do is ..." Now he can write his own ideas. At least in class.

Why can he sometimes do something very clever and other times, when asked to write very simple things, his mind goes completely blank and he cries in frustration? One of the things Miss Teacher shared today made me laugh out loud several times. Yet when we asked him to write 3 sentences about a pet (we have had several to choose from, and we reminded him of them too) he cannot come up with one thing to say on his own.

My cousin (well, my Mom's cousin) is coming today. She has come into our lives more now after my Mom died. She has been an angel to us, helping my Dad so selflessly, despite her own challenges. She tackles everything with grace and spunk. We've gotten to know her children (and their wives/kids) better and we have really enjoyed it. She is a speech pathologist by training, but has had a host of jobs in the ed sector, including Principal of an alternative High School. LH is fabulous! She will have insights on N and C, I'm sure!

This weekend she is doing me a huge favor by saving me the 4 hour ride to collect my Dad. Hopefully she will have a relaxing time here and I can treat her to a few nice Jersey fall days. Dad will stay through New Years.

So I will go back to cleaning so that she is welcomed not by a Frat House look alike, but a warm and welcoming home.


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