Kids and Sin City

(Grandpa takes in the view in Vegas)

For the second year in a row, we have ignored Thanksgiving and taken the kids on vacation. Last year we were in Florida. This year we took my Dad with us to Las Vegas. I am glad we got to take him on vacation with us. He is 83 and in good health, but as a huge hypochondriac any trip on a plane was a hard sell. When he finally got there, he had a GREAT TIME! In fact, I think he liked it best of all!

Some of my friends might not think that Vegas is an appropriate destination for my impressionable children. "All that sex EVERYWHERE." The smokey casinos that you have to cross to get to anywhere in the hotel. The men handing out cards offering dates for men in the street.

My kids ignored it all!

What did they like best about Vegas? The expensive Cirque Du Soleil show, KA (being martial artists I thought it was a sure thing)? No. (BTW it was very cool!)

The free Pirate show outside of Treasure Island? No.

Seeing Faux Paris? Seeing the water show in front of our hotel (the Bellagio)? No, no.

They liked 2 things best: the M&M store's 4D movie and swimming at the hotel pool!

What did they bring back with them?


Next year I'll vote for a stressful day in the kitchen with a bird, praying it cooks as expected, while impatient family members head for the snack drawer.

My favorite thing: playing blackjack with T. Our little date night. (I came out about even, he lost about $100). We don't go out often together, so I appreciate it all the more when we do.

I'm also sorry I missed the "triple date". Next year?


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