One more day

"One day to a new beginning
Raise the flag of freedom high!
Every man will be a king
Every man will be a king
There's a new world for the winning
There's a new world to be won
Do you hear the people sing?
My place is here, I fight with you!"

I have Les Mis going through my mind this morning as I drink my coffee.

I hope my readership will vote Obama tomorrow so we can scrap or sharply redo NCLB and fix so many other mistakes of Bush - stop spending $10B/month in Iraq, restore our standing in the world and so much more.

I hope you will vote for the Dems running here in Bridgewater. I can't vote for Stender because of where I live, but maybe you can - here's Billy Boy stumping for her.

And beware of a certain local Republican in Independent's clothing! Mr. H actually said to me that kids in AI are MORE important than the other children in the district because they represent the best chance to get into top colleges. I cannot tell you how offended I was. How does he know what my non-AI kids' chances are of getting into Princeton, Yale or Cornell? And who cares if they do? All kids count! Shame on his ignorant self! As a councilman he represents all of us - even the non-AI contingent.

Who will he then be representing if he makes it into the US House? The tiny contingent of people in our district who have degrees from Yale? Or the few who make over 5 million dollars a year?

I leave you with a clip recommended by C from the Simpsons!


Anonymous said…
I didn't read this until after Obama won, but I have to add that I, too, had Les Mis in my head throughout election time! I went and saw it over Fall Break and thought about your description of seeing it a while ago and how much you loved it.
Just thought I'd let you know you were in good company!

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