No time to...

I have been remiss.

A friend of mine sent me the K-4 Language Arts and Literacy program evaluation. It's less than 40 pages, but I have not had time to read it! It seems like every moment is booked. I'm even looking forward to reading it, yellow highlighter in hand! Even the five minutes I am writing this are stolen from my before-school rush of activities. I should be... is how I feel most of the time, as in "I should be in the shower."

Tonight the BOE takes up another important issue - state testing results. Again with the shoulds... We'll see if I can turn that into "I will go". TKD is until 7:30, BOE meeting is at 8:00 and my only chance to see a gym for is between 6:30-7:25 (it's 1/4 mile from TKD).

Last night my house was full of chaos. N's boy scout den came over and made PB&J sandwiches for S.H.I.P.. Most of the boys (8 year old 3rd graders, for the most part) had never made a sandwich before! We coddle our kids too much! Although they turned it into a competition "What number are YOU on? This is my 4th sandwich!" I think they still had a sense of pride from making something that hungry children will eat. I wonder if they could grasp the sense that right here in Somerset County people are hungry and homeless.

Feed hungry kids and read program evaluations - it's all important stuff to me. But so is all the "stuff that gets in the way" (TKD practices, soccer games, seeing friends, grocery shopping...). It's finding time from my chaos-driven existence to do it.


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