Reality check from the comfort of the living room

For Mother's Day this year I asked for Wii Fit. I am using it more than I used my gym membership last spring. Don't get me wrong, I loved going to Exerwise Woman, but I like a "personal" (albeit electronic) trainer in the privacy of my home.

The Wii pushes me to weigh myself every time I go on. While I've lost a few pounds, I did not come anywhere close to my original goal. The best and worst thing about the Wii, is that it just doesn't sugar coat things. When I weigh myself, it says in a frank, but not unfriendly tone, "That's Overweight!"

My husband has started to use it too. I use it more regularly, so it bugs me when it smiles at him and describes his weight as, "That's Normal!"

This morning I heard this about so called "Fat Acceptance" on WHYY. It said most overweight people have a skewed view of their weight. Apparently I do too, I see myself as normal. At least normal for having had 2 kids.... While I really do plan on dropping the pounds that are between me and my pre-pregnancy weight goal, I am most concerned about my general health. And no matter what Ms. Wii says about the weight, it's pretty good.

Or is it? The best person to determine that is my doctor. I wonder what she's going to say when I see her in September. If I get this feedback directly from my doctor and not from the TV, society in general or my own skewed view of myself, I'll be better able to gauge my exercise needs.

Until then I will try not to take the condescending "That's overweight" too personally as push up and side plank.


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