Soccer Mom becomes Cheer Mom living in a glass house

This fall my daughter is cheering for BFL, in-town.

I am enough of a feminist to admit that I simply don't like my daughter practicing to cheer for the boys. (Maybe I prefer that the boys cheer for her???).

Tonight T said "let her cheer! It's something she is choosing for herself and she really wants to do it".

I preach that parents shouldn't judge one another by the choices their children make. Why should I judge myself (or maybe my daughter) for cheer leading? Many people consider it a viable sport and social activity. My criticisms are all based on hypocritical stereotypes. Yesterday when I was thinking "What would my Mom have thought about this?" I assumed that she would have never let me do it.

Then I remembered that I did try out for cheer leading in 9th grade. I hadn't a prayer to make even the JV squad - I didn't have any of the qualities they look for (except being thin, perhaps - and maybe 5 years of ballet lessons). My Mom must have said "whatever you want to do, dear", guarding what she really thought.

So maybe my judgment is jealousy? I'm not nearly as cute as my daughter and far from as talented. "Face it," one friend said last week, "C has the body and personality to be a cheer leader!"

To which I say... (as I gulp, fingers crossed!) "Rah!"


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