Time management

Tonight I thought I would blog, but then I realized that both Saturday's and Sunday's New York Times are sitting on the sofa untouched. I have interesting things to write from time to time, but tonight the time would be better spent reading the NY Times, than writing/editing (for me) or reading (for you) this blog.

The Magazine Section
is focused on women's issues. My kind of stuff. Some of it will be painful to read - one article focuses on true oppression: rape, lack of education, sex trafficking, etc. Painful stuff.

I will read about Julia Child's best seller in the Business section (which I often put into recycling unread).

Finally, I'll have to check out the Travel section where they wrote about 36 hours in Oslo. Who knows, maybe I'll get there someday...

Looking forward to my PJs, Fresca and the Times. It'll be a good use of my time this Monday night!


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