You never know...

...with a sensitive child you never know what will upset him!

We are working on a timeline project for Social Studies. The timeline covers important events in each child's life. We got out N's baby book. One of the things I kept was a copy of the newspaper where his birth was announced (I don't think I ever got a copy - I was in the hospital when it printed).

It said "C has a wonderful little brother. Mom & Dad (our names)"

N was very upset. "WHY DIDN'T I GET MY NAME IN THE PAPER?!"  I wanted to say that I don't think C even had a notice in the paper when she was born.  I know my mother-in-law called her friend who worked at the local paper to get it put in ASAP and maybe she hadn't heard his name yet. I'm not even sure we told everyone yet and lots of people don't list the baby's name. I was very surprised (and happy) to find it in the paper the day after N was born.

Then again, his name was in the paper less than a year later when my Mom died... but he thought putting his grandma's death on his timeline "would make people sad".

It's hard to be a sensitive Mom too!


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