Too busy for blogging 2

Still busy... today was cleaning. It took me hours to attack my desk. In fact I just found it now (at almost 11pm). Of course I have done other things as well including volunteering at school, driving kids, grocery shopping, making sure the dog got exercise and making dinner.

I wish I had time to read this article in today's NY Times. But it looks like I don't need to. Unless you consider my free-speech thoughts on various political candidates, or my opinion (very unpaid, I promise you!) regarding local soccer programs to be product review, I think I'm in the clear. I certainly haven't been paid to write anything here. I would never turn down money, but I probably only earn enough to buy a tall decaf latte at Starbucks anyway. Is that product promotion? I don't think it qualifies, but in case it does, I'll sign off here. :-)

Time to return to the cleaning of the dining room. The good thing is that except for my desk we rarely use this room, so once it is clean, it stays that way.


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