The end of an era

My heart is breaking just a little bit. It's going to be a year of lasts. My last evening Halloween party at our elementary school. I got so nostalgic that I wanted to have 4 more kids, but then I remembered how much else I'll have to do and decided it wasn't worth it.

Funny thing is I was never a huge fan of this free-for-all costume party. It's chaotic, noisy, annoying. You can't keep up with the young kids when you need to (kindergartners and 1st graders) and the older ones take off and you can't find them.

Now that it's gone, I'm sad. N wanted to leave early. He felt left out and couldn't get into the groove with his buddies.

My heart broke even a little more by that. It's 9pm. We missed the chaos in the parking lot (Bridgewater police have to patrol!!!), by leaving at 8:30, but I'm sad.

Tomorrow is Halloween. Where did the time go?


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