Firemen rock!

I am NOT a fan of being asked for solicitations from my car (especially from too-perky sorority girls on an early Saturday morning), but recently I saw our firemen/women at work saving a house from certain destruction, and have a new respect for our all volunteer force! Let them solicit all the change they can on Black Friday!!!

Check your calendars and support our valiant Green Knoll fire squad in their quest to fundraise! Read here.

And, of course, I spread the word to help a certain fireman who holds a special place in my heart (don't get the wrong impression!!!!) because he is so patient with me as we schlep each others' kids to Tae Kwan Do year after year. I remember him on that May day. I remember his courage and afterward (to his wife's annoyance, I love her even more!), his pride when they saved the house and irreplaceable things like pictures.

Between my friend who is fighting the Cell Tower by Milltown Road, the money spent on the new municipal complex, the letter that we are all being inspected/assessed, and this, is there anyone who isn't PO'ed at the Township or the Mayor????


Karen said…
The beauty of the US government system is that you are welcome to attend the Town Council meetings and participate in the "Public Opinion" section at every meeting. The President of the Council opens the floor to anyone who would like to share their views on any topic with the Town Council. I highly recommend this. It makes you glad to be an American with your right to speak publicly guaranteed by the First Amendment. Go to the Town website for the meeting schedule.

Next meeting is on October 19th.

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