Budget update

Originally I was going to blog about Christmas cards. Who is more important - the author or the target audience? (E.g. if you are Christian do you send a Happy Hanukkah card to Jewish friends or do you just send Christmas cards because *you* are Christian it's a greeting from you. Or do you send the watered-down, PC Happy Holidays cards? (I send Merry Christmas - mostly the Ho Ho Ho Santa'ish type)). And then there is the question of a letter. Apparently EVERYTHING is bad form. If you include pictures - if you don't. If you write a letter you are bragging about what you did, and if you don't take the time to write a letter others consider you lazy! This year I had a grammatical error and my pictures upset someone else inadvertently. 'nuf said! I have enough self-inflicted criticism, I don't need to obsess about this!

Luckily something else came up for me to think about so that I don't spend another evening thinking about all the (real or imaginary) reasons why our Christmas cards sucked this year and what faux pas we committed .

The first draft budget for BRRSD was made public.  The courier covered it here. As of now there is no concrete information that I could find on the website with specifics. Isn't that supposed to be EASY to find??? ARGH! If it is there - can someone point it out to me? Thanks!

Otherwise - thanks for the tip, Courier News!


Update: BTW - If you haven't received a card, it is because I ran out of stamps... or I didn't have your address. It says more about me than about you. I didn't do the cards in any order... not alphabetically or A-list-B-list. So.... if I didn't get you one yet..... sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I changed the background of the blog because it's winter and I wanted winter fonts.... more color this spring!


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