Wednesday in the news

I knew that if I turned on NPR or read a paper I'd be back in the thick of it. I haven't looked at any BRRSD issues this week, but I don't like what I'm seeing in the papers.

First of all - who cares about whether or not Tiger Woods was unfaithful or if he was fighting with his wife about it? Apparently lots of People!

I also don't care about wedding crashers who sneak themselves into the White House. I don't want to know their names (just like I don't want to know the name of the stupid guy with the hot air balloon stunt), or their motives. Isn't sneaking into the White House a felony???? Crashing a wedding with extra good food a the local Marriott is actually just a little ballsy... but as of today I've never done it (we once had a buffet at a restaurant in Spain that apparently was part of an all inclusive breakfast package at a hotel where we weren't staying... oops).

I am not happy about troop escalations in Afghanistan. Not because I dislike Obama, I like him, but because as a pacifist I don't want to promote war ANYWHERE. Put the money to educational programs - even if it means Afghan programs that would never help my kids - instead of war and more war and more war. And, while I'm on the subject, tell me, did YOU notice the irony of a president who is about to receive the world's most prestigious peace prize having a prime time speech to outline sending 30,000 more people to war?

Finally - I just read about the New York State legislature voting down gay marriage  in the New York Times. Not impressed with my home state!!! Not even a little bit.

Should I stick my head back into the ground for another week??

Very tempting!


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