Friday on Sunday

C made a difficult decision on Friday - miss school or miss a day in the city seeing the Christmas Show (which we do every year). I wasn't even intending on making it a choice. On Thursday night I informed her that the next day was Radio City Day and she freaked out. I can't miss school - I can't miss Latin! I pressured her to go to NYC and she refused.

Often I use this blog to criticize my own parenting or the parenting I see around me.  Even more often I criticize the schools.

This week I really can't criticize the teachers, at least not two of them! C Language Arts teacher called me in to see what she can do to keep her challenged in her class. "If I could tell you "just come to my third period e-class" I would, but I can't." So she gave her some books and tips on how to do her best at everything even when it's dull, told her how special she thinks she is and much she hopes she will strive for the higher, more challenging classes next year and in high school.

This morning I am remembering how wonderful her Latin class is and how C strives to do her best, even missing a day in New York to spend a period with the class doing research in the library. Would I have made the same decision at 13? I doubt it. She's going to do a project on the goddess Minerva (Athena in Greek mythology).

"Mom, she's the goddess of math, science, music, crafts... she's the goddess of everything!" She said with an excited tone.

That's how I feel about my daughter right about now! Smart enough to know when to stand her ground on something important, confident enough to do it. The Goddess of Everything!


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