They're here...

my MIL and FIL arrived today for a near-3-week stay. Beds were changed, kitchen wiped and rooms with clutter have been made to look like human beings live here. I even discovered the floor below my linen closet which has been covered in mis-matched socks for the better part of 3 years.

My son was home today with a fever, but other than being pale had no other symptoms. He'll probably stay home tomorrow too. C looks like she should stay home, but I doubt she will, she really needs the rest as she is a candle burning at both ends.

Despite this whirlwind of activity (for me it's mostly cleaning today) I have been distracted all day. I got bad news about someone yesterday, then a confirmation of it today and even though she isn't part of my family nor someone I have known for very long (+/- 2 years) I can't stop thinking about how sad I am. I keep inside but it bubbles to the surface not through tears, but through my irritation about completely unrelated things. My husband, for example, said he understood a friend's side when we had a disagreement two weeks ago, and I was upset. Why should I be? It must be displaced emotions.

So my friend, as you sleep through your morphine, know that many a heart is breaking with you. Even when I'm putting away groceries... I'm thinking of you. I hope you are dreaming of happy things as you sleep in the hospital tonight.


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