New challenge?

I've been feeling like my plate was full for several weeks - or maybe more like several months.
  • Running in a contentious election for BOE and all which that entails (today I put out signs and filled in late forms)
  • Getting my son ready for his black belt test (he did great, btw).
  • Having 2 families visit, plus Cracker, the wonder dog?!!
  • And everything else I have been blogging about for months...
but today I thought my plate just needed one more thing: a job. I went to a job interview and walked out with an immediate start job - as in I started working DURING the interview. No reference checks, no "let me think about it and get back to you" - just a to do list in red ink and a boss with a lot of ambition and high expectations. So I took notes and started working....

... um about that 2 week pile of laundry on the sofa? And the to do list in red at our house? Oh, and my son needing his mom to organize stuff to do during Spring break?

Move over broccoli. There's a new course being served. No taste testing, open, chew and swallow....  Here we go.


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