A new twist to an old expression

"Keep your friends close but your enemies closer" is an expression I hear almost weekly in New Jersey. Maybe there is a bit of Sopranos in all of us who live in the Garden State?

But after running for the BOE, I've decided that my motto is "Keep your friends close... everyone else can go to Hell!"

My Sample ballot arrived today. Normally I shred it. I feel like framing this one. Despite the fact that this is an uphill battle and practically everyone says that I haven't got a prayer, I am very proud that I am trying to do something I've wanted to try for a long time. Lots of people like to complain about the state of our schools. I do too. There are only 5 people who dared to run this year. And maybe I will lose... but maybe, just maybe, I will win! I am proud that I haven't gone around and said nasty things about people. I could call one of the incumbents unethical, and if you want to read about the women and their backing, you can in all the local papers."

And other than a misunderstanding with a sports team that will cost me a minimum of 50 votes (well, hopefully only 49), one person I've only heard about one mass e-mail to a large group of people saying nasty things about me. The writer is someone who didn't like that I blogged about her husband a few months ago, so she has a personal grudge. I didn't say anything untrue - but she had to say something bad about me, just to prove her point. I deleted the blog, but women don't get over things like this quickly.

And the other person who said something bad (I'm sure there ARE others, but these are the two that I got wind of) called me just a Mom. HA! This woman is a stay at home Mom too! She's doesn't have my professional experience or my educational background, so criticizing me for not having these things is hypocritical at best, malevolent at worst.

For every negative thing that I've heard or felt, I've had someone come up to me in Wegmans, compliment me on my signs and wish me well. Friends I didn't know I'd had have asked for signs and even one of my five opponents genuinely wishes me well!

This time last week I thought I would win. Today I'm not as sure. Win or lose, I've learned one thing: a lot of people care about me. Deeply. And there are at least two people who have gone to great lengths to show their allegiance. I'll never forget this!

If I lose the election, I still win because I've gained one thing: insight into how people feel about me. Some people I knew were my supporters all along. And some people I thought were, but aren't.

Keep your friends close.... forget everyone else!


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