For years my cousin has said "you should come to the Thousand Islands" to her house. Out of seven siblings only a couple didn't have houses at the Thousand Islands. My grandparents were among them. Not sure if it was the distance or the money, or that my grandfather died young (in his 50s), but there you have it.

This weekend we were supposed to go to LH's cottage. She shares a cottage with her two sisters, and all of their kids/grandkids, and visitors require a bit of scheduling.

This weekend was supposed to be our weekend. But cheer got in the way when just 2 weeks ago we were alerted that we had to be in town for a breakfast on Saturday and a game on Sunday. It made me so sad to call LH to cancel....

Since then LH fell and broke her hip which required a hip replacement! So clearly if we hadn't canceled she would have.

And if the game and her fall hadn't done us in, now there is a hurricane coming. Believe it or not the Cheer Gods still haven't canceled Sunday's game! The Governor has called a State of Emergency (ie. emergency vehicles only on the roads - don't think they will consider cheer an emergency when Bridgewater police stop me but you never know), but the organization still wants us to be prepared to play, even if we get a bit wet! Can't common sense triumph over delusions of grandeur?

Better get my day started.... I should probably prioritize the grocery store run - before everyone takes the last morsel of food off of Wegman's shelves!


Update: They postponed the game until next week. I wonder if someone read my nasty post first? Should we pack for the 1000 Isles? Hardly. We need to be here ready to soak up the basement.


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