One statement says it all...

As you know I've been worried about the culture in C's new cheer team (especially after what we experienced last year, which I blogged about multiple times). Specifically I'm concerned about a rift between the girls who have been on this nationally recognized team (her new team) for years, and the new girls who, um, aren't as, um... accomplished, meaning C's former team. I was worried the new girls (including C) would be bullied by their teammates who would see they aren't be up to snuff and may cost them their winning record.

And while I might have expected this, somehow I wasn't prepared for the plain truth to come out of my daughter's mouth today:

"It's not the girls. They are fine. In fact, they are being really nice to us. It's the adults, the coaches, that hate us and don't hide it."  One coach, C admitted, is somewhat nicer, but C feels that main coach hates her. Even if she doesn't it's not fun to hear.

Yesterday when I dropped C off, one of the coaches actually sneered at her - but smiled at me first! Are you kidding me? SNEER AT ME! Smile at her, at a minimum in front of me! Why?

But C still wants to go. More than ever. A flier keeps falling on her face. She's had a bloody mouth several times already, but the coaches didn't even notice! Another girl has been nicknamed "Harry Potter" because of a cut she got in the middle of her forehead. Cheer is not for the meek.

I criticize and complain that my daughter is the most spoiled girl in the state of New Jersey. That may be true, but she does have one trait that helps her these days:


When I write on the game day program, "Proud of you, C" It's her eagerness to continue despite feeling that the head coach despises her, that makes me proud of C. Can she throw a girl into the air and then catch her? Sure, but I'm not as impressed with that. Who would have thought being on cheer would teach C the most important lesson for young women?  It seems to be teaching her to believe in herself, and work hard to accomplish what she wants to do, even when the leaders of her world (me, the coaches, etc.) don't want her to! I'd never have thought she'd learn such a meaningful lesson from such "meaningless fluff".


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