Wegmans, sans batard, sans baguette :-(
We are in pre-storm mode here at Casa Poppet. I've been trying for hours to clean the kitchen and cook in it simultaneously. Every few hours I stop when I've stepped on another fragment of broken glass from a dish that C accidentally smashed yesterday. I've never seen such a small object shatter so impressively! I've vacuumed multiple times - and decided it isn't worth it to put the vacuum away because I'm likely to need it in a few hours if the wind really starts howling.

The kids keep asking "when is the hurricane coming". C thinks it's all overblown media nonsense. Let's hope she's right. We do have a very hyped up media and after the "earthquake" that scared a lot of people in New Jersey but caused no noticeable damage, there is a reason to believe it's "crying wolf."
If you have yeast, water, flour and salt, and time you can make bread

Clearly other people are heeding the warnings and hoarding EVERYTHING. We are not hamsters (let's hope we're not without water for a long period of time, because we will be SOL). I have what I need for a few days, except lots of extra water. If need be we can cook what's in the freezer as it thaws. It is supposed to be nice tomorrow evening again, if I need to grill (should we lose power over a long period of time). And then there is always plan B: my Dad's house. Nothing would make him happier than if we take refuge with him.

What's left on the agenda:

  • The bird's in the oven.
  • The cell phones are charged (and we have batteries)
  • The dough is shaped into 2 bagettes and rising.
  • I'm going to move the pictures upstairs
  • And then I'll be ready for a little break. 

Not sure if I will have power tomorrow, but I'm sure we'll survive. If you are thinking of us from across the country (or the globe) thank you! If you are worrying about us: don't. We will be fine. There are plenty of people who are much more vulnerable than we are....

Ready to feed our little army, for days if needed
Ready, set, rain!


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