Just checking in with my fearless readers to say that it's been a very busy week. I have so many thoughts to blog about, but life keeps getting in the way.

I spent two nights away this weekend. First with the MCM and SM family at their already-overcrowded hotel room in Wildwood and then with my sister and her family in their much roomer digs a few miles up the beach. It was lovely to be so warmly welcomed to join in other peoples' vacations! It was just N and me. Nothing like some time with my boy.

I also went on a little road trip to Carlstadt, New Jersey, where Lion Brand Yarn has opened a factory outlet. I don't associate Lion Brand with fancy yarn, although I have knit one wedding gift in their organic cotton. I made a bear too, but that was with leftover stashed yarn.  The outlet included the requisite acrylic yarns (including one gold fringe yarn that I bought), but it had several goodies from their "LB Collection" yarn that is clearly higher in quality and in price. The outlet was nice, yet there were a few things I would have changed. All yarn was pre-bagged in groups of 3 skeins per package. That's probably (as my knitting-guro, friend Pam explained) because it comes pre-packed in groups of three, but they should have a sample handy so people can feel the goods. I did treat myself 3 skeins of 100% cashmere yarn, but might have bought more if I could either feel the yarn or see a pre-knit swatch. The black cashmere should turn into a nice hat for my Dad. I hope it will please him when he gets a cashmere hat for a surprise gift. (I knit him a GORGEOUS hat already 2 years ago that someone lucky walked off with). It will keep his bald head soft and warm. Mom LOVED cashmere, and taught me how special cashmere is, so hopefully he will feel her influence as well.

It's going to feel good to make something special for my Dad because I've spent the week doing something he wouldn't like at all. I'll leave it at that, but going against his wishes doesn't come easily to me, and is really weighing on my conscious. (Don't worry, I'm not doing anything illegal, immoral or illogical).

Sometimes I'm the parent. Sometimes I'm the kid. Time to morph from defiant child to doting parent. N is sick and I should go and cuddle. Hopefully it will take my mind off things.


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