Shifting gears too soon?

Maybe it's because our class placements seem so early this year... More likely, it's because C's cheer leading practices started on August 1st... Maybe it's because I spent part of the day at the 4H-Fair, but it seems like school is just around the corner. Luckily, someone was kind enough to remind me, that we have almost a month left before September 8th comes.

My mind is shifting towards all things BRRSD. Driving past the Verizon parking lot on RT 28 I saw workers striking. I couldn't help but worry that maybe OUR TEACHERS will strike, since they are about to start the year without a contract. I know it may seem reactionary, but have you seen the poor rapport between the Union President and the BOE Negotiators? It's like War of the Roses. Except in the final scene the BRRSD's kids will be swinging from the chandelier. And they might like that! Since that means no school.

I prefer to have teachers who are happily returning to work WITH a contract. Beginning the year with the same feelings of ill-ease with which they ended the year last June can't be good for the district. As you see from the trailer, bitterness festers with time!

But maybe, there is movement in the negotiations, which may be continuing quietly behind closed doors to which our eyes are not privy?

I hope that just as we are receiving our class placements with happy anticipation, teachers are happily preparing for their upcoming classes, and that this is happening with the same enthusiasm that takes place each August.

We have a month left of summer days. Not to be squandered by worries of what may or may not happen. Whether the teachers strike is beyond my control.

What is in my control?

How much time I spend enjoying summer. I think I'll go outside now, and hope that "Steve and Jeff" (the negotiators from the union and the BOE) have spent their summers negotiating some form of Oslo Accords. Calling all the Gum Shoes at the Courier, Messenger... Patch: can you please give the public an update?

Maybe, for once, no news is good news.


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