Advent Expectations?

Yuletide knitting
It's the first Sunday in Advent. Always a huge motivator for me to get "stuff" ready. The weather was beautiful here this weekend- sixty and sunny - so I continued with yesterday's yard work. T cut up trees that had fallen in the woods for firewood. C & N helped a little, by my teenage daughter (C) made it very clear: she doesn't want to help us at all!

In a little while I'll pick up around the living room/kitchen/family room and bring in some Christmas cheer. I really LOVE Christmas decorations. I love the colors, the smells the anticipation and the family-focus. I love the return of this yearly tradition.

And I want my daughter to help me decorate so we can bring in the spirit of Christmas together (N needs to prioritize checking that his homework is done).

NOT what I expect
Why is love such a complicated emotion? I'm frustrated by her apathy, and proud of her achievements at the same time. I want to give her everything and five minutes later I feel like she has too much. This week I got an e-mail from a teacher praising her work and initiative. Less than 48 hours later, my husband told me about less than stellar behavior this past week. I hear about other families where the children gladly help in the yard, the kitchen or around the house and I am ashamed that my kids don't help more when asked.

Am I expecting too much that they should give anything more than a lukewarm response to my enthusiastic "come help in the yard" (that gradually changes to COME HELP IN THE YARD YOU SPOILED CHILD!)?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Eat your veggies. (N does, C doesn't)

Clean your room. (C does, N doesn't)

Walk the dog (Both balk, but C more so)

The link below flew around the net a few years ago. It makes me think that I'm not really crazy. Nor a horrific horrible mother. I wonder what the Christmas Carol version of this would be????


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