New Start

Maybe it's the coffee kicking in. Maybe it's the weather forecast: Sun and 60s F. Maybe it's my husband entering the kitchen in a cheery mood, and eating his Special K. And maybe it's that both kids are back in school...

but I'm feeling very optimistic this morning. Can you feel it too?

Although I had a setback in my business the other day, I'm looking forward to trying again. To that end after hitting "publish", I'm going to get dressed and hit the pavement. It may be a recession, and people may still be skeptical about purchasing unnecessary items (if only I were in the generator business!), but I still believe that hard work pays off!

I am also going to have a knitting-lunch (like a working lunch, but with yarn and needles) with my talented friend, Pam. She knits fast, knits with bold colors and isn't afraid to rip up something that isn't working to try again.

Tonight is the Bridgewater Mayoral Debate at the Municipal Building. I'm already supporting Jim Ventantonio, as I know him, respect him and think that his professional experience and leadership would be an asset to the Township. Nonetheless, I am really looking forward to hearing what all the candidates think. I encourage you to come too, especially if you are undecided.  I believe there is still time to submit your questions to the Courier, who is sponsoring the event.

Happy Thursday!


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