Swap on a Budget

Finished this scarf today. A rare thing: To me, From me
Those of you who know me in person know I like to do things for others. But I also like others to do things for me. When my friend Pam told me about "Swap on a Budget" from the Ravelry knitting/crochet site I thought it was a terrible idea for me. I already have at least 10 projects that I've started and not finished for various people, and knitting for a stranger is a bit daunting. What if they knit better than I do? They will see all of my mistakes in a way that non-knitters don't! The big secret (that I'm really not *that* good) will be revealed.

But I've been looking at this opportunity ALL WRONG. It not about giving something imperfect to be criticized by the recipient because the recipient is also a knitter, it will be appreciated more. A fellow knitter knows what goes into creating these gifts.

The best part of this swap is it's $20 maximum. I'll use "stash yarn" to knit with (no new investment there) and buy something on the person's wish list. My "spoilee" is named a woman in Colorado and has two small kids. She doesn't know that her spoiler (me) gets how overwhelming it is to have two kids under age 3.

So this week on my "to do list" I am adding design and start a gift for this Mom in Fort Collins, Colorado. Like me, she writes a blog on parenting. So I've been "stalking" her blog for tips about what she likes.

This morning I finished three items. My Dad's cashmere scarf, a Christmas ornament and the "to me, from me" scarf pictured above. Time to start planning my new gifts. Something for my spoilee, and something for my neighbor. She's sick and could use a pick-me-up. Nothing like making something for others....


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