Just Checking

Ho Ho Ho
This year my husband made my life inestimably easier: he bought all gifts for adult family members last summer! No hints, but I'm grateful to be under no obligation to buy as I go enter stores playing "Rudolph".  Yesterday I bought the final gifts for our nieces/nephews. Shopping for everyone but our own two kids is DONE. Check!

With a cheer competition in Florida upcoming, this is a huge relief! I've even bought all the gifts for the advent calendar, planned it out and so all I have to do is wrap and number.... Almost check...

Except for some fish that I need to get tonight or tomorrow morning, I'm set for Thanksgiving too. Almost check...

We have opted out of the cheer fundraising, so I'm not spending this week soliciting for sponsors. Check...

I know it will be harried - and stressful, but with these things checked off the list, I'm ready to enjoy Thanksgiving. And that's a great start to an otherwise overwhelming time of year. Ready to Enjoy Thanksgiving? Check!


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