Weekend Update

Some of you read this blog for local education/politics, some for the knitting, but my most faithful daily readers, are still family, so let me send them an update.

It was a very busy weekend at Casa L.

Wiesner's visit
On Friday morning I went to Nicolas' school where I heard David Wiesner speak. He grew up in Bridgewater and explained how he gets his inspiration, and how he creates his very detailed books. There is certainly MUCH more than work in each picture than a small child will grasp. He was trained at RISD and his influences include Salvator Dali. There are few benefits to volunteering in the schools, but being in the loop about speakers like this is one of the best. I immediately came home and bought one of his books for my nieces, and today I bought three for my nephew.

Friday evening was a blurrrr... First C had her final day of Cheer try-outs for the Middle School team. Apparently there were lots of talent. But later that night we learned that C earned a coveted spot on the "A team". What's that mean? She will have cheer one day more than the other girls and may go to a competition (they didn't last year). But really the school's team is an easy commitment. Little driving and I don't have to go to any last-minute "mandatory" parents meetings.

Friday evening N went to a laser tag birthday party, and then I went to bunco. I'm sort of joining a bunco group - but even bunco-groups have politics in Bridgewater. Two women want me to join, but apparently someone else (I'm not sure who) wants her friend to join instead. Nonetheless I had a lot of fun.

Got Uggs? From C's party.
Saturday morning brought "Shake the can". C and a few other cheerleaders were "begging for money" from strangers outside of local businesses. I don't need to tell you that I don't like this idea. One hour by a local salon in the am and two hours outside of a local liquor store starting at noon. In between I drove N to a friend's house. Then home to clean and bake....

Saturday evening C had 30 friends for a part'ayyyy. It was LOUD and I wish we'd air conditioned the basement, but I didn't catch anyone drinking (I personally took pizza orders so I could smell breath and check everyone out) and I don't think anyone was trying to make babies, so it's all good.

So much to see at AMNH
The highlight of my weekend? SUNDAY! After untold months of my life being turned upside down by Pop Warner cheer, yesterday I focused only on N. We went to Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration | American Museum of Natural History. Actually we saw lots of interesting things at the museum - we spent almost six hours at the Natural History Museum in New York. (Not to mention lots of money in the various gift shops). N's favorite place in NYC is ToysRUs in Times Square, so, since it was N's day - at 5:30 we took the subway there and back so N could add to his rock collection.

We got home at about 8:30pm. I picked up Diego from the M family who had kept him during C's party and all day yesterday. Enjoyed a glass of wine with them and headed home to bed. N wanted me to keep my promise that I'd watch NOVA with him. I fell asleep after about 10 minutes.... can't even remember what it was about.

It was a great weekend.


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