Happiness is a smile...

On Tuesday my son woke up and said "ONE MORE DAY!"

Wednesday he couldn't wait until after school. He attends NJ Film School and it was the first class of the second session.  It's nice to have a happy and inspired boy. He is in the children's film making class. You can see their work from last season on the website above.

C is in good spirits, too. Although she doesn't "love" going to Tae Kwan Do, she said "it's great to feel like I'm the best at something". Whether or not she is the best isn't the issue but the feeling of mastery helps build confidence. I've been more relaxed with her too lately and it makes a difference. I hope it lasts.

T is in overdrive. This is his busiest time of the year. He comes home and relaxes by re-building a computer in the basement or building a fire and finishing work fireside. I'm worried about his lack of sleep, but he already has a mother, and he's a big boy.
Knitting: great gifts!

And me? I'm very challenged with the new business, but I'm learning every day.

This weekend is a special one for me. I'm going into New York for Vogue Knitting Live with my friend, knitting blogger and professional journalist, Pam. I've been wanting to go for a very long time. It's decadent - spending money and time on something I enjoy. I'm taking a class on inspiration/creativity by Fiona Ellis and a class on "turning your passion into a business". I hope the lecture translates easily to other things. I can't wait to be filled with the touch of countless yarns and colors in all shades. Two days to forget everything I need to know, and just be filled with things I like with people, who like me, appreciate yarn's creative possibilities and tactile loveliness.
This is nice, but knitters see it's easy

This made the resident teenager laugh: "Vogue? Vogue magazine is hosting an expo for knitters? It has a magazine for knitters? Why? Who would read that?"

Glad I can serve as entertainment for my trendy young daughter. Once I figure out what to wear I'll be smiling all day.... it's Vogue and women (the vast majority) who can see right through my simplistic knits. At least I'm not "knitteratsi" (a real word but I'm not sure how it's spelled). No one knows me, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Finally - a shout out to my lovely sister-in-law from whom I received a lovely HAND WRITTEN note. Remember those? Hope your wrist is better and you are over your cold. Let it snow in Boise! Your card put a smile on my face!


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