A week in Review

Tuesday and Wednesday I was consumed with thoughts of political power. How it gets attained and what politicians do once they have it.

A Soccer Mom's View of the Gov.
Tuesday morning Governor Christie took the stage for a Town Hall meeting at Bridgewater's JCC. I was (apparently) one of few Democrats in the audience. I went with an open mind. I didn't learn anything new (I left before the press conference where he made his statement about a gay marriage referendum instead of via legislation through the legislature).

Afterwards I drove a retired teacher home. She wanted me to put up one of the "I support teachers and staff" signs (see previous post). We talked about "soft persuasion and hard tactics". She felt that teachers wearing certain colors of clothes were the softest tactics out there. I told her I found them manipulative - since they aim to get to parents via kids. I said I felt it sends a subliminal message to kids that teachers don't want to be there (she disagreed). Anyway, I was thinking about it some more - only a very few especially close teachers supported me when I ran, and none of my teacher-friends put up a sign for me. Finally I think it makes parents like me feel like teachers don't see how much families in Bridgewater are supporting schools already, unless we have signs up.

In the evening, there were two other "acts of power". The President held his State of the Union Address. My son had to watch it for his Social Studies homework. The "most powerful person in the world" (well, after oil executives and Stephen Speilberg and Bill Gates... and) presented his vision for 2012... and launched his election stump. It wasn't his finest moment: I'm his target audience and I was bored after a few minutes.

And of course, the Board of Education was having a meeting where they discussed ending budget voting and moving BOE elections to November.  away the only real power that local communities have to respond to the direction a district is taking. Going to the podium sometimes feels useless because many of the members of the board of education seem to have pre-determined agendas. As voters we CAN yield some power by voting down budgets. For some, this is a anti-tax campaign. For others, it is a way of saying "we don't like the choices that our district is making". And that can mean many things which is why it IS better to state "I am voting no because..." if you do so. I'm not done thinking about this...

40th birthday gift? "When I get old I'll wear more purple?
Wednesday was politics of a different kind. A misunderstanding turned into a huge "thing". Which turned out to be a non-issue, but not before I spent a lot of time and heartache stressing out over nothing!

Thursday night I spent at a meeting discussing the district. Can't say more now, but I can say it was way too long and I have to rethink the amount of time and energy I am committing myself to before I volunteer for ANYTHING.

After a "challenging day at the office" on Thursday I spent Friday rethinking my new business. I have to sit down and make a plan that can work because the status quo isn't what I wanted.

Saturday: I ran 8.3 miles!!!!  Then I ate whatever I wanted without guilt. C got highlights in her hair (I caved) and N went to a party, but didn't have a good time. I'm not sure if it is a "thing" or not. He's never asked to leave a sleep-over before... very odd behavior for him. But I mustn't overthink this.... The best part of the day was sitting by the fire and relaxing for a couple of hours.

Today is Sunday. Instead of church or an impromptu coffee date with MR I slept on the sofa with Diego. Later I finished some knitted items. Three gifts. One of them my kids said was "too silly" to wear.

And now it is time to put the turkey in the oven. I should have done that 3 hours ago. Lazy days and Sundays....


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