Thanks, I needed that!

It was a very hectic fall. Multiple activities almost daily. Visitors. New Business launch. Homework. Sensory overload. Sound familiar?

Then came December's travel craziness. Florida and back for five days. Norway and back for four days, then I drove to New York State (a 4 hour drive) and back for a 4 hours New Years party (plus sleeping). Skiing in the Poconos. I also was in NYC twice in two weeks.

Last week school started up again - and the to do list was as long as the kitchen table.

After a falling out from the fall on Friday night, the stress of the last few months finally caught up with me and my body demanded "Enough!" 

I slept and relaxed more this weekend than in months. I imagine this is what blood pressure medicine feels like. The pillow like a magnet, and my body told me it was time to give in.

Now it's Monday morning. Time to create the weekly to do list. This weekend was a reminder - rest is important too. Make time for it.


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