to blog or not to blog

Writing and reflecting
Most days I write this blog picturing my sister-in-law sitting with a cup of coffee reading in her sunny living room in Boise. I also see, in my mind's eye, a friend laughing out loud because she is sharing a kind of inside joke. At times I envision a parent here in Bridgewater, reading on a home computer, and I wonder who he is and what he thinks.

I sometimes see a far off stranger, sitting in Romania, Israel or Aruba with a TV on in the background in a language I can't understand.  An aroma of exotic spices coming from the kitchen.

From time to time readers recognize themselves in my blog. Often they are happy with what I've written, and say so. Sometimes, people read things they really don't like.

It is the latter whom I am addressing today:

This blog is an expression of opinion backed up by the facts as I experience them. That's what a blog is. It is not a news broadcast, and I am not a journalist. I stand by my views, and my right to express them.  In the end the reader can choose to take me for my word, or think that I am full of hot air. And, of course, they can always leave a comment, or start their own blog entitled "Why I disagree with Bridgewater's Soccer Mom".  (On a few occasions I've removed an entry after careful consideration).

I know how it feels to read negative things about yourself - it happens to me too. One of life's hardest lessons is learning to deal with criticism. People aren't going to agree with what you do, what you say or how you live. But sometimes, you know in your gut:

When you're right, you're right.

Last night's conversation with a discontented reader only solidified my original opinion. I'm sorry if I hurt her feelings, but my original verdict stands and I don't intend on removing the entry. Clearly I didn't change her mind either. That's the thing about opinions, sometimes they are hard to change.


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