Passing by my chinny chin chin

Beyond the beautiful day....

I am loving this weather. Really loving it. High 60s/Low 70s and sun here in Bridgewater. Yesterday I ran (alone) for more than an hour in 70F and sun. Today I walked with a friend, and wished we could have walked for hours.

Now I feel it. My eyes are burning, my nose vacillates between burning and itching. Like Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumbs you can find where I am by following used tissues.

Both C and I awoke convinced we'd both contracted pink eye. Nope. Diagnosis: "Allergy eyes".  $25 co-pay for the visit, and $50 co-pay for eye drops (I think a $50 bottle of wine would work better for me). At those prices and with those results I didn't bother checking my doctor. At $50 for the teeniest, tiniest bottle of drops - I can't imagine what they put in them at these prices- I think C and I can risk co-contamination and share the drops. I'll wash my hands and roll the dice.

I feel like the entire day has been half-finished projects. I start one thing, drop it (and with it, some tissues), start another. 1/3 of the laundry still needs folding. I picked up knitting and after a few minutes I put it down to work on something else (and there are tissues there too). I started to sort papers, but they ended up back in a pile (no tissues - this was on the kitchen table). At least I found a long-overdue bill and paid that.

ADD - Allergic deficit disorder.

I am grateful that the sun has set. It's the appropriate hour to put on my pajamas and call it a day.

If today had a grade, it would be 66%. When I was walking with my friend the world was 100%. When I saw my son's final movies at Film School (they will be posted here on Saturday - last Falls are up now, for N click on "kids") it was 100%.

The rest of the day - was a 30%.

66% is passing by the chinny chin chin. I'll take it, cause I'm not giving another ounce of effort into pi day. Someone else can work out the equations. It's 8:21pm on Pi Day. Better known as BEDTIME.

My favorite saying rings so true:
"Tomorrow's a new day, with no mistakes in it!"


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