Vernal equinox

"It's been a stressful week in Lake Woebegone, my hometown..."

Or so Garrison Keillor might say if he were to describe my life on his radio show. Not only have I been juggling falling balls, my nose hasn't stopped running (and I haven't been running enough to prepare for my half marathon next month, so I'm stressed about that too).

One of the "falling balls" are my allergies. I've tried it all: multiple medicines, nose spray, eye drops, a neti pot, extra sleep, spicy food and even wine. I've tried staying indoors, I've tried fresh air. I've tried walking, and running, and extra showers. Extra sleep seems to help my state of mind, but hasn't done much for my sinuses.

Now I'm at the acceptance stage of this battle: pollen is the stronger force. I'm just going to have to grin and bear it.

I'm also knitting.

Life reflected in a dress I've started to knit for myself. I keep starting, ripping out what I've done and restarting. Today my friend Pam helped me make a plan (with a somewhat different design) which will require me to rip out my work again, but hopefully for the final time. She made me feel a bit better, since it seems the original design may be the issue, and not my lack of skill. But life is sometimes like that - you need to hit the restart button. If you are fixing a computer you know you may have to hit it multiple times. Try something, if it doesn't work, try another method - hot tea with lemon? Perhaps?

Or honey... "try local honey - it is like getting an (anti-)allergy shot each day". Or so I've been told.

But it's the vernal equinox. A day of new beginnings. The days are getting longer and the winter that never came is officially behind us. My shoes are celebrate the occasion.

I'm going to take them outside to enjoy some sun. But with it... I'm taking my Kleenex.  Some things are just too beautiful - and you have to enjoy them. Like this sunny day.


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