A room of MY own

When I'm done with this, I'm off to Amazon dot com to order Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own. After 18 years of co-habitation with my darling husband, I have a room of my own. Many people falsely assume that the entire house is mine, or perhaps that the kitchen is mine, or the master bedroom. But not here. I have many friends who decorate at whim - the only pre-purchase consult being their bank account. Not me. My husband is actually very aware of how we decorate, and with a few exceptions he and I have equal say. The basement is his man-cave, nicer than most grown-up's apartments. And now I have an office.

My hope is to make it 50% office, 50% refuge. A work space surrounded by things I love. Although there is a bit more work to be done this morning I moved myself in and after I hit publish, I'll put together an invoice. Great way to use the space, I'd say!

I have a new-found sense of self. New vigor to take on my start-up company's challenges. Half of my desk is devoted to my company. I need to teach myself Quickbooks (see green library book to left of laptop), web design and (of course) learn more about the industry. With a couple of pictures of my kids - from when they were small.

On the other side of the desk I have my personal life's stuff. A small picture of my parents dancing, their foreheads and noses touching, knitting books and a few balls of yarn (I plan to use yarn as a theme in decorating).

I still have a ways to go - hanging curtains, finding a rug, assembling an IKEA bookshelf and going through books currently in the other bookshelf are just the first part of the list - and my new office will relieve our home's common areas of insurmountable mess. The school district may have gone paperless, but that doesn't mean parents have! Papers need an appropriate space in the new office. Add "buy cool file folders" to the list.

Signing off now. I have work to do.


Trine Lunde said…
Er det gjesterommet? Hvor skal du plassere oss neste gang vi kommer? :-)

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