A little perspective

Yesterday I had a somewhat sarcastic Facebook status:

I don't quite get why graduating from Middle School is such a big deal in 2012 in NJ, but it is. Very proud of our C. But I was just as proud on her first day of school, before she even spoke much English... September 2003. She's made lots of friends here in Bridgewater - I'm very proud of them too!

Now I am humbled and, I'll admit it, slightly ashamed about my sarcasm. The ceremony began with a moment of silence for a girl (whom C didn't know).  Apparently she had become suddenly and severely ill a few days ago and fell into a coma. I heard that she died yesterday.

Another three children in C's grade all face major health issues (two have cancer).

A small reality check?

I'm grateful that my children are healthy and happy, and I am too quick to forget these things in our busy every day lives.


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