Weekend plans

Friday night rolled around and I was done. Put a fork in me. We've been rushing non-stop and at 9pm yesterday I still had dinner to make (and no turning back - I'd defrosted fish... so it was cook it or lose it. Fried cod on a Saturday night. A poor substitute for Farfar's ("Father's father", my father-in-law) freshly caught delicacy, but I didn't burn it and it didn't fall apart.

Aren't these cool??? Image from  http://www.madeinnorwaynow.no   
It's a beautiful weekend here. Tomorrow is Father's Day and my 17th anniversary.  Can I knit this hat for him? (Just the hat, the sweater would take me a year).

Can I knit anything in this heat? Hmmm....

I've been so stressed out about the contracts. Every day I've been discussing it with people on all sides. Last night as I was preparing dinner, I said to my husband that I was very stressed out about it. His answer:

Why is it your job to fix this? (An echo to his mother's favorite expression, "is that YOUR problem? - No!").

And he is right. I've spoken my peace, tried to reach out and broker the Oslo Accords of Bridgewater and now I can sit back and live my life.

And so I will.

Last night after dinner, we had "Movie Night" with N. He didn't remember seeing the original Back to the Future... and he loved it.

Today's plan: Yard work, gift-knitting and cooking good food (I treated us to a second trip to Hind and Fore - it's not good for the cholesterol, but I couldn't help myself... we're gonna have some beautiful red meat tonight). A great Saturday.

I hope my readers spend the weekend relaxing and happy.

To paraphrase Yoda, "Let go of your hate, Bridgewater Soccer Mom. It only leads to the dark side of the force."


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