Whirlwind... Wednesday, wait, um, it's Thursday?

Can't even begin to formulate prose for a blog. So here's a bullet list of what's going on.

  • Got a job offer at a knitting store. Am trying to decide between part and full time. Pros: Get to work with nice people, I get marketing experience and I handle yummy yarn. Cons: Compensation and commute. 
  • Have taken on an exciting freelance grant writing gig. Pros: Fun, interesting and I love to people I'm working with. (And the pay is fair.) Cons: When we get a no, I take it personally. And that, I believe, is where my prose has gone....
  • Have been following the negotiations for the teachers union, but this week I've been otherwise occupied. I LOVED this article in Sunday's Courier. So happy to have seen actual facts, sans spin. 
  • Spent four hours at Macy's today. My husband's grandmother is dying and I was getting the kids their "funeral clothes". Never a fun task. Not sure how long she has (but not much time) but we are ready to fly out at a moments notice.
  • And today I really had a "Gotcha!" moment when I looked on CNN and got the WRONG verdict from the Supreme Court.

Despite my new PT gigs, I am still wondering about my wanderings in the career world. My son, however, said something that made me feel great about the life I am leading. "I think you're the best stay at home Mom in the world!"

That's all the news from Lake Woebegone, NJ. Where the women are occasionally strong, sometimes Stepford, the men are somewhat good looking and the children are raised to think they are above average..... 


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