Peace Treaty?

(If you would like to sign a petition that echoes these sentiments, click here: )

Last night I came out of an event at the Middle School to find a pamphlet on my car. Its partial content is available on the BREA website. A green sheet with a mix of numbers and propaganda accompanied it, but isn't on the website (as far as I could see). I'm tired of this back and forth and the rise and fall in my blood pressure.

I'd like to make a no-frills settlement proposal

You already agreed. Instead of fighting over who proposed what or accepted what and when, take the offer as it stands and be done with it.

Healthcare is a hard argument to win with the general public.

Split the difference between what the BOE is offering and what the BREA wants.  (Numbers are as per the "green sheet" left on my car entitled "Dollars and Sense?"): 

Year                BREA offer               BOE offer1**   BOE offer2**
2011-2012 :       2.85%                         1.5%                  1.0%
2012-2013:        2.85%                         2.0%                  2.0%
2013-2014:        2.85%                         2.0%                  3.0%
 (Offer 1 is as per "Dollars and Sense", Offer 2 is as per BRRSD FAQs)

Split the difference:

2011-2012:                         2.175% (per BREA sheet) / 1.925% (per BOE FAQs)
2012-2013:                         2.4.25%
2013-2014:                         2.425%

A 7% raise over 3 years is good in these economic times of falling wages and stagnant/high unemployment. This is still above cap, and if there isn't enough breakage (the difference between retiring salaries and new hires) the district could still see programs cut. Taxes will go up for residents regardless.  Enough is enough. 

Teaching time:
This is a hard one for me to advise because I believe the BOE is right. If a teacher in the HS is teaching (as per the info on BRRSD's website) 200 minutes per day, that is roughly 3 hours and 20 minutes per day. I think it is reasonable for the BOE to expect more working time without compensation since the BREA seems to have been getting away with such meager teaching loads in the HS. The BREA would disagree. So let's find an unbiased person to suggest something. With an entering freshmen I'm definitely biased!

In summary:

Take the insurance, BREA, and both parties can split the difference on the raises. If BREA members forgive the BOE for not making them feel appreciated, parents will forgive teachers for the way they've dragged this fight front and center to kids - wearing black on Fridays because they are "in mourning", picketing our schools in front of students and cutting activities that only hurt kids. (And that doesn't include the numerous examples of teachers inappropriately discussing the negotiations in the classroom).

Then all sides can stop the propaganda and enjoy summer! Best of all, everyone gets a fresh start in the fall.


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