Poem from a non-poet

School Daze with C:

She enters the house, in a flurry of curls, 
Pink nails clicking incessantly on a small cell
Smiling "hi, Mom" she heads for the fridge,
In the blink of an eye she's up in her room

From where did she come? I often wonder
Studious and challenging, sporty and fun
Talented and lucky, with beauty like no other
But headstrong, self-assured, too entitled

A fortunate Mom with an organized daughter
I watch her daily departure with friends, 
She's won competitions and failed at little
Too soon she'll set off on adventures unknown

Leaving a Proud Mom behind with a pile 
Of tank tops and shorts, pink, black, size small
To wash and put away...Awaiting her brief return
I sigh, think "wait, come back!" before she's even gone

Tonight is the night to show off her work
Conscientiously done every day, a journey toward high goals
Little prodding from me, it's all self-determined
For what more could parents ask? Nothing!


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