Challenging day

It's a big juggling act - this part time working thing. I still have the same stay-at-home responsibilities and my own expectations, but I have no time to do anything.

Last night I treated myself to a 30 minute conversation with MC. She knows a lot- having 4 kids and working as a RN at a pediatricians office helps. MC suggested that maybe N might be helped by OT. She sees some kids who have writing issues that are fine motor skill issues.

We had a shower here for an expecting mom in our girl scout troop. By the time the last people left I finally got 2 minutes to ask N about homework - at 8pm he tells me he has a science test tomorrow... ARGH. Reread that first paragraph about juggling. I never read his #$%^&*( agenda (which clearly said "Test Thursday" on Monday). Frustrated I sang to him various notes to try to teach him pitch and volume. I think that he just got more and more confused. He had to guess Hertz and Decibels (loud was 100) but first he kept telling me it wasn't Hertz, but HAZARDS! So we wasted precious study time looking it up on several websites before he would believe me - even then he still wanted to call it Hazards. Frequency, pitch, volume, echo... I guess that is what he will have for breakfast tomorrow!!!

T is in Vegas until Saturday. He has more patience - probably because he spends less time doing the schlepping, but maybe its his nature? It would have been great to have him here now.

Am very very glad I got the PT job and not the FT!


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